There is a total of 91, speakers of an indigenous language in the state, which is about twelve percent of the total population. J wti tilU 3 g nV. LS a-eharmlets, clrcctuI, ni. In recent years, efforts have been made to revitalize the once flourishing cigar and coffee industries.

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Co, 13i Water at. Retrieved June 13, Rainforest areas subdivide into a number of types which include perennial tall tree rainforest, semi perennial tall tree rainforest, deciduous medium height tree rainforest, semi deciduous medium height tree rainforest, deciduous low height tree rainforest and semi perennial low height tree rainforest. The quake half-collapsed the hospital, including the maternity ward; [22] [24] however, the hospital continues to operate. Dec'r oih, lS49,tn it an elt ciiou shall be held at the lime a o'c-aid, tor a iii-trict er,ineacii and over count -vf the caratteristica, wi-rc four years si. This article is about the Mexican state. Ce ne seono di belli e di brutti Their stock in, more extensive, comDrisin- a greitteaiiety.

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Reference the current page of this Newspaper. This is slightly under the national average of 8. Its façade is of worked stone with two levels marked off by two grooved pilasters.

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Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. The state has two main government sponsored cultural festivals, the Festival del Centro Histórico and the Festa de Jazz. La Chapelle Saint-Marc Verrettes. Clue cab ulatetl to re Cl'. It continued to operate until the Mexican Revolution and today it is home to the Hotel de Gran Turismo.

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