She in a way has set the model no pun intended for what other adult stars should learn to do. I am not one of those who believe all news is fake. For all we know someone could be easily be feeding you a story that they don't know the first thing about. Remember a casanova actually had a PHD no not Passion HD or Masters and was finishing or working on her PHD Alison Waite I believeso it shows you can judge oh gosh hate to say this A book by its color no not racial color I think that she has remained such an enigma about what she is like and does outside of the adult industry is probably why we are so passionate about her and what we do or don't know.

Sensuale Lorena Tetona Sensuale Lorena

Bailes sensuales

So models who don't over expose themselves for every site that is on the net or tv, allows them to be more selective and be more valuable to the sites they work for as hey there is only so much content of theirs so a site can promote they have Lorena or someone else. So maybe those who are thinking about getting in maybe should take a cue from Lorena in that she has mastered what most haven't, the ability to stay out of the media, out of social media and her life is hers and not that of the public and those who think they know what she should or shouldn't do. I don't like this For one there is no way for us to know who the source is. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a college degree and this is something she likes to do during her off time. While most have known she is from Spain and a region, her age as she allows the photogs postobviously color of her hair, eyes and so on. Plus she probably understands that she would get all these people who want to friend her, follow her and so on. The fact that she is able to say who she does and doesn't work for also says that she is no dummy and that this is not her only source of income or she already has a life outside of the industry that doesn't demand she turns to this for her main source. Tuck here and there 3.

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