This bold but rigorously researched book reveals the genetic and cultural connections between these groups. It's too bad that the Flower of Life doesn't pass through Las Vegas, as it would likely improve the luck of those taking advantage of Vegas vacation packages! The Zulu sangoma shaman Credo Mutwa states that creatures from a certain star in Orion built an ancient subterranean city of copper in the Rwenzori Mts. It was reputedly found in by G.

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A few years ago, I found an image of a cave painting in which the painter added pigment to the natural geography of the cave wall to create an abstract face. This is archaeoastronomy at its best, and lays a foundation for all savvy scholars now and in the future for the return of the thunderbirds and the Phoenix rising. Accompagnatore photo of The Orion Zone with chakra line in yellow. We are now at the end of the Fourth World, going into the Fifth. Distance between Giza and Boomplaas: Packed with nearly photos, drawings, diagrams, maps, and star charts. The Hopi still perform a Snake Dance for rain on the high desert. Gary David's books contend that the Chichimecs literally Sons of the Dog lived in Chaco Canyon and perhaps constructed the pueblos there, before they migrated southward in the 13th century AD to become the Aztecs in the Valley of Mexico.

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This useful guidebook is packed with diagrams, maps, sky charts, and photos of ruins and rock art. Sirius, the brightest star in the heavens, corresponds to Chaco Canyon, the largest Ancestral Puebloan ruin site in the American Southwest. The Sipapuni is located on the Little Colorado River 3. A summer solstice sunrise line extends from First Mesa, Arizona, through Canyon de Chelly and terminates at the Dulce site. Migration legends tell of Serpent People, or Nagas, sailing across the Pacific to America on reed rafts in order to escape a flood that wiped out the Third World.

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Small monoliths on top of the eastern arc of the Great Enclosure align with three stars in the constellation Orion: This bold but rigorously researched book reveals the genetic and cultural connections between these groups. It essentially decodes many of the ancient mysteries of the Pueblo Indian world. The second book in the series, Eye of the Phoenixdiscusses the stunning Southwestern landscape, Hopi legends, and other anomalies of the high desert, including the enduring Freemasonry influence.

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The inner rectangle above is comprised of four loci: Bellatrix, Alnilam, and Saiph shortly before sunrise on winter solstice. Comalcalco corresponds to Betelgeuse, but perhaps only symbolically so. Kincaid on an expedition for the Smithsonian Institution.

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